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Getting started can be the hardest part of a workout. Here are the four steps that will help you shift into gear!


Put your phone on do not disturb, shut off your computer and put your headphones on.


Open up your workout plan. This could be on here or somewhere else.


Do some stretches to loosen up and prevent injury or unnecessary strain.


Get started! There's no time to waste!

The Plan

Burning fat can be a difficult process if you do the wrong movements. There are thousands of different movements that you can do to combat those tough pounds. We have compiled the 10 best movements for absolutely shredding those pounds.

Jumping Jacks

This is a fantastic movement to warm up the entire body ready for an extreme fat burning workout. Loosening up your calves, glutes, rotator cuffs and getting your heart rate pumping. 


All of the exercises in this plan are not based on repetitions, rather; they are time-based. You will have 30 seconds to perform as many as possible with good form.

Jumping Squats

Jumping is a great way to train fast-twitch muscle fibres and get the heart rate up. To ensure the most fat is being burnt, your heart rate should be around 130-140BPM.


30 seconds of slow descent and explosive jumps with soft and slow landings. Ensure that you are getting proper depth (thighs parallel to the floor) on each squat.


Arguably the most intensive bodyweight movement. Burpees are a complex movement that requires focus and correct form to execute effectively.


30 seconds of fast, explosive energy burpees. By the end of these, you should feel your heart pounding out of your chest, ready for the next exercise?

TIP: If regular burpees aren't doing it for you, try adding a single push up in the bottom position.

Alternating Lunges

Calming it all down for a bit we do some alternating lunges. Great for quadriceps activation and balance. This will help regulate your heart-rate, ready for the next movement


60 seconds this time as we have to work both legs; 30 seconds per leg. Slow and controlled movements are essential for muscle activation in the lunge

High-Knees Running in Place

Straight back into the action! Attacking the calves with this one as you are running on the spot, raising the heart-rate back to a suitable level for fat-burning.


30 seconds of explosive energy here. Make sure that your knees are super high up for the hardest workout.

Mountain Climbers

We didn't forget about the abs! This will leave your legs and abs burning, which is exactly what we want!


30 seconds of explosive energy here. Make sure that your knees almost squish your stomach. Also, squeeze your core throughout the entire exercise.

Knee Push-ups

A fundamental for burning fat and toning those arms is the push-up. There are many variations of this exercise, we are going to start with the easier variation.


30 seconds of slow and controlled movement here. Make sure that your chest touches the floor and your arms lockout at the top.

TIP: If knee push-ups are too easy for you, try regular or even explosive clap push-ups in their place.


Holding a plank is easy. However, if you really engage and squeeze your core during the hold, you'll feel the benefits significantly more.


Hold this for 30 seconds with your core as tight as possible. Imagine that you are bracing your stomach for a punch, that's how tight it should be.

Glute Bridge Hold

Squeeeeeeze those glutes for maximum muscle activation. It's essential to get the most out of this hold.


Hold this for 30 seconds with your glutes as tight as possible. Use your arms to stabilise your position.

TIP: If this hold is too easy, try extending one of your legs whilst the other support your entire weight. Alternate legs at the 15-second mark for equal muscle activation.

Flutter Kicks

Finish off the cycle with a final valiant effort. These will light a fire under your belly, literally.


Usually, hold this for 30 seconds. However, if this is your last cycle I want you to go until you cannot. This will completely finish you off and ensure that your metabolism is absolutely on fire for the rest of the day.

This completes the 'Ultimate At-Home Fat Burner' routine. We hope you got a sweat on from this one! Here are a few guidelines:

2 cycles


3 cycles


4 cycles


12-week body transformation workout plan


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