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What are the 5 best exercises at home?

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what are the 5 best exercises in quarantine?

Keeping healthy right now is more important than ever. With the ever-increasing pressure of COVID-19, health and well-being should be at the top of everyone’s list.

I will be discussing the 5 best exercises that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

1. Squat

The squat is the king of bodyweight movements. It incorporates all of the major leg muscles for an intense workout. Even the best squatters in the world will have trouble executing 100 consecutive squats.

The proper squat form is essential if you want to benefit from this movement. ensure that your hip crease is below your knee-cap in the bottom position of the movement.

Woman performing squat

2. Push-up

The push-up is arguably the most effective upper body movement you can perform with no equipment. Targeting the chest, triceps and traps. Secondary muscles include the legs, core, and deltoids.

proper form is paramount for the best results. The best way to do a push-up is to slowly descend for 1-second, hold at the bottom for 1-second and then explode up out of the bottom position.

Man performing push-up

3. Pull-up

This movement mainly targets the back muscles including the lats, biceps, and traps. Secondary muscles include the core, deltoids, and forearms.

The proper form for a pull-up includes bringing your chest right up to the bar and slowly descending whilst maintaining a retracted scapula.

Man performing pull-up

4. Burpee

A single burpee is difficult enough, now perform 10 with strict form and tell me you feel fine. Cardiovascular fitness is super important, this is a fantastic way to maintain or even grow that fitness at home!

begin in your feet, drop down into a push-up position and immediately jump back up into a jumping jack. If that’s too easy, incorporate a push-up in the bottom position. Good luck!

Man performing bottom half of burpee

5. Plank

That‘s right, this hold serves a significant amount of benefits if you do it correctly. The majority of people that perform this do so incorrectly.

it's not about the amount of time you can hold it for. It’s the intensity of which you do that matters. During the hold, squeeze your core and glutes as if you are bracing for a punch, try and last a minute!

Woman performing plank

The Takeaway

You can easily maintain your fitness levels during these difficult times with just these exercises alone. If you don’t want to put a workout together, we already have! Stay tuned for new content, twice a day!

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