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Staying buff in quarantine - TraxFitness

I recently had the opportunity to interview a rising YouTube star, Omkar Apte. I first found his YouTube channel through his amazing transformation video in which he goes from super-skinny to super-buff. I even featured him in another article, 8 insane male body transformations you won’t believe.

Omkar happily accepted the interview invitation, here is how it went!

Recent photo of Omkar

Before we get started, tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Omkar and I am currently a student at the University of British Columbia here in Canada! I am now 19 years old but when I was 16 I embarked on a fitness journey that truly changed my life for the better.

You’ve managed to build quite the physique in such a short space of time. What are your 5 best pieces of advice?

For anyone who is looking to transform there physique I think that many try to over complicate it. The only 5 things you need to do is be consistent, do you research, apply the principle of progressive overload, do the heavy compound exercises and eat in a caloric surplus.

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Why did you decide to build your body?

The average weight for my height (6 foot 2 inches) is anywhere from 150lbs to 180lbs. I was 127lbs which meant that I was severely underweight. People would always bring up the fact that I was skinny and I wanted to show everyone that when I say I want something I stick to it.

Who is your greatest inspiration?

I would say my greatest inspiration when I started was a YouTuber named Dekel Kabeli. He got me to start working out because of his 1 year transformation video. However, now I watch Ryan Dengler and Sawyer Klatt because they are both also tall lifters with an insane work ethic.

How are you coping with exercise and diet in quarantine?

Everything is still in check at the moment if not better than before. That is because I invested in a full home gym which means I can still do my regular workouts and the kitchen is under a minute away.

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Anything to say to the viewers?

Thank you for reading this segment! If you want to change your life just know that it can be possible and you will be surprised with the amount of opportunities this world has to offer. Also check out my YouTube channel "Trax Fitness" for any fitness advice and my Instagram @trax_fitness if you have any questions!


Trax (Omkar) will only continue to make gains during these difficult times. He is a true inspiration to those of us who find it difficult to workout during quarantine.

Thank you Omkar for the continued support of VitaStyle. I want to personally wish you good health for the coming future. Stay strong brother!

Be sure to head over to Omkar’s YouTube and Instagram and give him the love and support he deserves!

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