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Sophie (Soph) Jayne Miller Interview

Soph :)

I recently got in contact with a brilliant person. I’m so glad we had this interview because it’s genuinely enlightened and motivated me. I want to share this to all my readers as I believe it will inspire you too.

Throughout this interview we talk about Soph’s podcast, eBook and her passion for health and fitness. She is super transparent and open about her life. As she said “the good, bad & ugly”. Having this type of quality in this day and age is so important as society has forced unrealistic expectations upon young girls (and boys). Plus, a large amount of influencers only post their good side, what they want you to see. This isn’t the case with Soph and I couldn’t be happier about our interview. Here it is:

Before we get started, tell me a bit about yourself! 😊

My name is Sophie Jayne, I’m a 20 year old Aussie gal who is incredibly passionate about all things health & fitness - and share it among Youtube, Instagram & my Podcast Best Foot Forward! I am currently studying my diploma in nutrition which I’m super pumped about + creating healthy recipe ebooks!

Note: here is Sophie’s Instagram, give her a follow!

Sophie with a camera

Wow, you’ve done a lot already. How did you get into YouTube?

I honestly was obsessed with Youtube from the moment I started watching it back when I was probably about 13! I’ve also always loved filming and editing from a very young age (literally got footage of me “vlogging” when I was about 5 years old haha! So it kind of all came naturally - I absolutely love that platform so much!

Note: Here is Sophie’s YouTube, check out her transformation video!

I can relate 😊 tell me about your podcast!

So my podcast is something I started back in February this year, and was something I’d wanted to do for so long! I really loved the idea of have long, deep chats about all things I’m really passionate about, and I felt like I could do that much easier with podcasts rather than with YouTube as it is much more of a quick, fast paced and visual platform! On Best Foot Forward I interview professionals in the health, fitness & Wellness industry along with sharing some of my own personal stories and tips I’ve learnt along the way!

Note: Here is Sophie’s podcast! It’s so good, I definitely recommend it, I listened to the one with her sister!

Best Foot Forward Logo

I’ll check that out, I’m all about that. Tell me more about you’re recipe book, I’m interested.

So I decided to create my recipe Ebook “Oh That Glow” after loads of people requesting exact recipes I was making in my YouTube videos! I have had a serious passion for making my own healthy recipes since I got into health & fitness at the age of 14, so deciding to come out with an Ebook created of all my favourite breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks & treats was the best thing ever!

Note: Here is Sophie’s recipe book! Yum 😋

Awesome! What would you attribute your success to?

Oooo honestly good question - I’m really not too sure haha! I think being super super open, honest & raw to my audience makes a huge difference. I feel like I share just about everything (the good, bad & ugly) so maybe girls feel like they can relate in some way? I hope so anyway 💓

That is unique, a lot of girls feel vulnerable these days, so you being open and honest will definitely help! What’s your biggest life goal?

Oh goodness what a question haha! I have so many goals really, I want to (hopefully) inspire young girls to live a happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle through living that myself :)

That’s so respectable :) just a couple more questions. Tell me about your workout schedule!

Well before the whole isolation situation haha, I would go to workout classes 5x a week (mix of strength, boxing, circuit training) which I loved. Buuuut, now I’ve been doing all at home workouts and honestly loving that as well! I try and do about 30 minutes 5-6x a week right now, with a mix of Pilates, yoga, strength (with the few weights I have) and hiit!

Note: We have a couple home workouts if you’re interested!

Sounds like you’re keeping on top of it! Last question, where do you get the motivation to maintain your lifestyle?

Hmmm, honestly the way I keep motivated is thinking about what I want my life to be like long term - I want to be healthy, happy & fit for as long as possible, so that keeps me motivated to strive towards that every day of my life! I also think that inspiration sparks motivation, so whenever I might be feeling a bit unmotivated I try and get inspired by the people around me!


I am honoured to have interviewed such a down-to-Earth person. The best part of this interview for me was the honesty and humility that Sophie exudes. She is such a lovely person and she deserves all the success she has!

Thank you for reading this article! Check out Sophie’s socials & other links below. Subscribe to my blog for more expert interviews!



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