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8 insane male body transformations you won’t believe

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Have you ever wondered what type of body you could achieve if you dedicated your time and effort? These guys did and it got them some serious gains.

Here are 8 insane male body transformations you won’t believe.

Male body transformations

1. Joe Weller (@joeweller)

In Joe’s recent transformation video, he talks about how he has done this transformation countless times.

this is about as relatable as breathing as this happens to almost all of us as life can get in the way.

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, now more than ever are people getting behind on their fitness.

Do not fear though as there are plenty of workouts that you can do at home, we actually have a few.

Joe also goes on to mention that you shouldn’t change your body for girls. This is so true! A girl should like you for your personality. if she doesn’t, she won’t stick around.

Big shout-out to Joe for posting this video as it shows us that everyone can make a body transformation, as long as they stick to eating right!

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2. Joe Fazer (@joefazer)

Fazer has recently amassed a huge following on YouTube (122K+) and for good reason.

The image above shows Joe’s incredible journey from skinny to shredded.

However, this wasn’t a smooth ride for Fazer as he went through over some bumps on the way.

After his first year of training, Fazer had a back injury which put him out of the gym for 3 months! This was enough to lose almost all of his progress and resulted in zero motivation once he recovered.

Fazer finally regained his motivation and began working out again. However, depression struck and left him with even less motivation.

For the third time, Fazer decided to get his life together and regain his physique once more. Along the way, he has motivated countless people with his YouTube videos and become an influential player in the fitness industry.

All we can say is keep up the good work Joe, you’re a legend!

3. Viktor (@vbfitness)

It’s not hard to see that Viktor really has transformed his body. He used to be a skinny kid who found it extremely difficult to gain weight.

Even after the first year, Viktor still hadn’t put on the muscle he was hoping to.

He decided to knuckle down and focus on building that muscle. Man did it pay off.

Viktor focused on compound lifts to propel his transformation to the next level. Lifts such as bench press, squat and deadlift allowed him to attain his current physique.

Consistency and determination with a balanced diet will result in huge gains. Viktor is a living example of this mantra.

4. Roman Amosov (@_roman.amosov_)

Roman is a God among men. At age 15 he was already in phenomenal shape. However, this wasn’t enough for Roman, he decided to take it further.

Roman, now aged 21 boasts an insane physique. It’s safe to say that he’s dedicated to his craft.

Roman offers personal coaching On his YouTube channel. You can check this out here.

We would like to wish Roman the best on his continued fitness journey to becoming a demigod.

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5. Omkar Apte (@trax_fitness)

Omkar started off as that skinny kid in class who people used to bully, no one expected him to become the specimen he is today.

Omkar just wanted to fit into a t-shirt, full out his sleeves. He decided to join a gym and it was the best decision he ever made.

When Omkar saw results, it pushed him even harder to get the most out of the gym and his new lifestyle.

Omkar was learning something new every single day. He really has changed his life.

We’re so proud of you Omkar and we wish continued health to you and your gains! This isn’t your final form!

6. Dylan McKnight (@dylanflippingmcknight)

Dylan is on a serious mass gaining journey. He went from the skinny kid on the block to an absolute beast. You would not want to come across this guy at night.

After years of training, Dylan has been able to fill out his date-night shirt to the point of busting. That’s some serious gains.

He can easily rep 225lbs on the bench press, a feat that any gym-goer would be proud of, I know I would!

Dylan is a hero to all hard gainers out there. He is a living example of hard work and determination. Go, Dylan!

7. Shanzarr (@shanzarr)

This guy has completely transformed his physique. He’s gone from a guy you’d steal homework from to a guy who will steal your girl. Just don’t try to copy his maths work.

Shanzarr started his journey at home where he would perform push-ups and pull-ups, day in, day out.

He saw some results, but it wasn’t enough. He decided to join a gym and give it his 100% effort.

Boy, are we glad he did. He is now able to perform muscle-ups, a seriously difficult bodyweight exercise.

In all seriousness, this is an impressive body transformation and it has earned its place on our list. Keep it up!

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8. Ram Ghuman (@ramghuman)

Last but certainly not least is Ram. To begin with, Ram was seriously fit. This was until his subscribers told him to gain weight, just to lose it again.

Ram doesn’t shy away from a challenge and so he stood up to the plate (or from the plate should we say).

within 90 days he was back to being completely shredded, absolutely insane transformation.

If you’re not following Ram, I suggest you do as his content is hilarious.


Losing weight and gaining muscle are no easy feats. They require time and dedication to pull off. Are you ready for your life-changing journey? Let us know in the comments! We’d be happy to help you reach your body transformation goals!

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