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5 ways mental health can impact your physical performance

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Mental health can be severely damaging to an individuals ability to perform at a top-level and isn't something that should be ignored. Here are 5 ways mental health can impact your physical performance.

Difficulty responding to change

Unexpected changes in any aspect of your life could cause unusual amounts of stress. This can impact your performance in a new workout regime or a new diet. The best way to get around this is to not make any drastic changes to your life. Try your best to ease yourself into everything, it's more likely to stick that way.

Lack of stamina

A lack of stamina can lead to deteriorating results, especially during exercise. You may feel drowsy or even dizzy due to medication. To remedy this you could try and exercise during your high-energy hours. You could also take a break halfway through your exercise to ensure that the second-half is as intensive as it can possibly be.

Difficulty interacting with other people

In a team sport, communication is everything. Your mental health might impair your ability to effectively communicate with others, subsequentially decreasing performance. A potential solution would be getting to know your team on a more personal level. This will help you realise that they aren't scary and that there isn't anything to be shy about!

Inability to concentrate

Concentrating during a long gym session can be difficult for anyone. A good way to solve this is to listen to something interesting on your headphones. An audiobook may be a good solution to the lack of concentration.

Difficulty under pressure

Sports and exercise can be a pressure-filled experience. It may help to realise that everyone else is under that same pressure. If that doesn't help you, try your best to focus on the task at hand and your specific role in the team, everything else will fall into place. Also, don't worry if you mess up, everyone makes mistakes!

The Takeaway

Mental health can really impact your ability to perform at your very best. We hope that these 5 tips and tricks have helped you, even if it is in the smallest way. Let us know in the comments if we missed anything! Be sure to check out our resources for quick and easy PDF guides for your lifestyle!

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