High intensity and endurance

Let's Get Started

Getting started can be the hardest part of a workout. Here are the four steps that will help you shift into gear!


Put your phone on do not disturb, shut off your computer and put your headphones on.


Open up your workout plan. This could be on here or somewhere else.


Do some stretches to loosen up and prevent injury or unnecessary strain.


Get started! There's no time to waste!

The Plan

High-intensity workouts are some of the best for leaning down the body and improving cardiovascular endurance. Here is a plan that will get you sweating right away.


Jogging, be it on a treadmill or outside, will help warm up the appropriate muscles for running and getting that sweat on.


Jog for 5 minutes. This will give the body a sufficient amount of time to warm up and reduce the chance of injury.

Running intervals

Interval training has been proven to burn fat at a rate higher than consistent running, get ready for that lean look you've always wanted!


I want you to run at an 80% pace (based on your max speed) for 1 minute. Then you rest for 1 minute and go again. Repeat this cycle 7 times! This will bring you to a total time of 14 minutes.


Recovery is super important after an intense workout like this. Make sure you give your self enough time to cool down and stretch after such a vigorous effort.


Walk for 5 minutes after you finish. Once those 5 minutes are up, stretch as you did in the warm-up to prevent any injuries from occurring later on in the day.

This completes the 'high intensity and endurance' workout. If you enjoyed this, why not try another? Gain access to all of our workouts below!

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